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Senate Sub Committee to Resolve PTCL Pensioner & Privatization Problems


Islamabad: Senate sub-committee of information technology and telecommunication meeting was held in Parliament House. In a committee meeting on 28th November, detailed discussion on the instructions and recommendations issued by the PTCL pensioners’ obligations in the committee, as well as the agreement between the PTCL and the Privatization Division, by Ministry Information Technology reviewed in detail.

The Committee was informed that the process of privatization started in 2004-2005 in which auction of 26% B Class Shares of PTCL was advertised. By June 2005, out of 3 out of 12 companies could set up the final bidding stages, out of which the contractor slot had a contract award. It was said on the committee’s query that PTCL had 3,384 properties, some of them were not named after which the company was named after the investigation. Now the number of property is 3248.

Assets issue pending since 2005. In 2018, the government has reviewed the revival of these cases and instructed it to be promptly displayed. The committee will be informed about this clear situation in January this year. Members of the Committee expressed appreciation for the Pakistan’s Telecommunications Empowerment Trust on the issue of mutual satisfaction, saying that today the Committee has evidence of the importance of hundred percent attendance issues. The committee said that the purpose of making a trust is the welfare of the people, not the company’s profit loss.

The Chairpersons Committee said, “We face embarrassment facing old pensioners.” The reports given by the Committee are not important. If this is the case, the whole committee will bring a motion against the responsible officials. The committee on January 16 summoned the Committee on the issue again. The meeting was attended by Senators Rehman Malik, Kamran Michael, Ghaus Mohammad Khan Nazi, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Muhammad Tariq Bizenjo, Engineer Rukhsana Zubair, Fida Mohammad, Taj Mohammad Afridi, Mian Mohammad Atiq Shaikh, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, Faisal Javed, Imam In addition to Ministry of Information Technology, P. Tech and privatization officials also attended.