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In Quran, Allah says about the rights of women:
“And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women.” (Qur’an, 2: 228)
Few days back, there was a Women March (Aurat March) by a bunch of women with filthy motives clad in expensive clothing wrongly representing women of Pakistan. Here, it should be duly noted that their intentions were purely personal, but fed and funded by Israeli and American NGOs whose prime purpose is to spread filth and dirt in Eastern societies.
A few years back Aurat march or Women’s day were celebrated and were connected with dignity and prosperity of a woman. Activists and women right supporters came out for women education, women empowerment and equal citizen rights for women but from last 5 years these marches have taken a separate turn altogether. They are now supporting lesbianism, gayship and nudity. There is no concept of lesbians and gays in Islam. Not a single specie of EVEN animals mate in the same gender. By promoting lesbians and gays, you are proving yourselves to be beneath animals.
This year they hanged shalwars and under garments on the trees and raised slogans like “mera jism, meri merzi”. No! Its not YOUR JISM! Its Allah’s amanat to us. We did not make it and we cannot support nudity and stand naked on the road and ask others to avert their eyes all in the name of feminism. This is not feminism, this is open violation of decency, laws of Quran and Sunnah and above all, this is nothing but disgracing women race itself.
By hanging your clothes and undergarments on trees and maligning your own dignity and prosperity, how do women like these except men to respect them? Please don’t expect anyone else to respect you when you carry slogans like “aagay se nahi, peechay se daalo”. Shame on you all!! These types of obscenities hold no place in our society. These women should be hanged like they want rapists to be hanged for manipulating young minds with their personal dirty motives.
A few women were playing songs that were addressing Allah and Rasool SAW and were asking for azaadi. My question is which type of Azaadi do they want? Women in Pakistan have been working at the top most positions in all areas of work. Women are doctors, engineers, pilots, entrepreneurs, business owners, teachers etc. 45% of bank staff is female. We go to universities, we earn well and we get respectable jobs. This type of women empowerment is not seen in any society. But even if you disagree with my point here, then come out for women education and against domestic violence. Do not narrate your filthy propaganda and your LGBT shows on our country’s streets. If you do not agree with the norms of a respectable society then you should leave the country.
All women and even men in the society were with Aurat March when it used to talk about education of women but now the purpose of these marches have changed. Now they promote nudity, lesbianism and blasphemy. The real question is who are these women and who are they supporting? What is the real reason behind these marches? It is our moral and religious compulsion to stop them or at least speak against them. These women cannot be our mothers or sisters! Do they think of themselves above the laws of Allah and Rasool SAW? They are representing 0.1% of women in our society. The author of this note feels that liberalism and feminism has got nothing to do with nudity and LGBT.
In the end, the author would like to ask higher authorities to take steps against these Satanic women and their ugly motives.

Written By: Syed Adnan Hasan

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 03319234567