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Pushing mediocrity or promoting innovation?


After a very long time, I read an excellently written blog on Pakistani government’s recent decision to appoint new diplomats. Tahir Habib Saddiqi, who is an ex-army officer, writes in The Express Tribune that this is a very sensitive time for Pakistan to develop, build and strengthen relationships with foreign countries. He viewed this decision as a little surprising and I agree with his opinion.

In times like these when the world has evolved into a global village and the countries are now focusing on building their economies and trading with each other instead of wasting time and resources in cold wars, Pakistan still lacks the structured approach, lopsided priorities or political interferences.

While talking about foreign diplomats, how can we not mention Ali Siddique? The young non-career diplomat, appointed by the previous government, who achieved the then seemingly impossible task. His achievements gave our not so friendly neighbors sleepless nights by rebuilding Pakistan’s diplomatic relationships with US at the time when US president was tweeting statements like, “Pakistan had given us nothing but lies & deceit”.

Even foreign minister, Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi appreciated Mr. Ali Siddique’s role as a diplomat and his efforts to ease the tension between both countries.

Keeping all these achievements of these diplomats in mind, I find it a little unsual that the PTI government has recalled many of these enterprising individuals and approved the appointment of new ambassadors. Looks like the PTI government has focused on meritocracy. The writer closed his article on a positive note saying that “It is time to give the new breed a chance and let them take the country forward”; however, I think that recalling those diplomats, especially the ones who have succeeded and proved themselves, and replacing them with new ambassadors is not a very wise decision.