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PTCL reports exceptional progress in net earnings Financial Results by Q1 ‘2019


Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL) has announced its financial result for the quarter ended March 31, 2019, which shows that the Profit after Tax of the company has observed a remarkable growth of 95%. Thus, the net profits for the quarter have been recorded at Rs. 1.9 billion.

This surge in PAT can be easily attributed to the growth in company’s non-core income, which escalated by 66.2% to Rs. 1.4 billion.

Further relief in financial stability was brought in by steadiness in financial costs, which stood firm at Rs. 1.5 billion while income from core and non-core operations continued to grow.

Even though the tax expense grew by a decent margin of 66%, the company still managed to report an exceptional progress in its net financial earnings.

Profit and loss account for the quarter ended March 31 2019 (Rupees’000)
 Mar-19Mar-18% Change
Cost of services-24,042,384-21,858,7089.99%
Gross profit9,492,5808,433,21612.56%
Administrative and general expenses-4,858,483-4,434,5339.56%
Selling and marketing expenses-1,623,494-1,748,705-7.16%
Operating profit3,010,6032,249,97833.81%
Other income1,469,732884,24066.21%
Finance cost-1,598,315-1,581,3451.07%
Profit before taxation2,882,0201,552,87385.59%
Provision for income tax-884,106-530,01066.81%
Profit for the period1,997,9141,022,86395.33%

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