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Police and Media are key players for a peaceful society


Different stakeholders participated in the webinar of ‘Police Media Sath Sath’ conducted in Islamabad to advance the agenda for structured collaboration between two main State and Society institutions.
The 4th edition of the series was organized by Communication Research Strategies (CRS) in Islamabad on Thursday. Moderated by Zafrullah Khan who planned and carried out several ventures in the field of civic education,

Webinar presented attendees with a rare forum to express their perspectives on police and media issues. In addition to desired structured, functioning reforms, Aun Sahi, a reputable current affair producer, stressed the need for resources to be invested in police public affairs management.

Umer Janjua from Urdu Point talked about police limitations due to a lack of budget and emphasized the need to adopt innovative methods in order for the police to modernize according to international standards. The multimedia journalist Awais Khan pointed to the horrors of fake news that have prevented social media use by young people in dealing with social issues like the police.

Many participants expressed reservations about lack of attention and commitment in Pakistan’s development of rural police. Nida Tahseen, a PhD candidate (digital studies) shared her Australian Policing experience. “Every county police runs their own social media page and continues to interact with the community and people see the police here as their saviours,” she said.

Barrister Shayan Qaiser believed that Modernism and Reform Programme, often without tricking up to the foundations of the police structure, have problems with implementation.

The objectives of this campaign were explained by Aniq Zafar, CEO of Communication Research Strategies, who described it as a sustainable strategy of Police Awam Sath Sath, a program that has been working effectively for quite a period on policing reforms and advocacy initiatives.
The contest was also detailed alongside the Webinars. He invited young journalists to join the carvan by producing stories about police reforms in digital, electronic and print form.

On Sunday, the Police Awam Sath Sath Webinar Series is going to travel to Lahore.