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Pakistani woman molested by mob on Independence Day


An FIR has been registered against 100s of unidentified people who sexually harassed a woman at Minar e Pakistan on Independence day. A video has been circulating on twitter where a mob of around 400 men can been seen mass groping a woman, tossing her in the air and harassing her. The woman said that despite her plea for mercy, they tore her clothes and stripped her naked.

The moment that video surfaced on twitter, minraepakistan and not all men started trending on twitter that cause a huge uproar by women on twitter. Pakistani women were furious at men for running this hashtag on the day over 400 men collectively harassed a woman.

And as always, this didn’t stop here. Men started blaming the victim and abusing women who were outraged over this incident.

The only ray of hope was some decent men who came out to call out this incident without any ifs and buts, without blaming the victim, without making it about their own egos.

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