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Pakistani twitter users reacted to Irfan Junejo’s remarks about Kashmir


Youtuber Irfan Junejo is into the discussion on Pakistan Social Media forums specially on twitter after his controversial remarks about Kashmir, he refused to highlight the Indian atrocities on innocent Kashmiris and tried to compare these issues with tiny domestic issues. Keyword Irfan Junejo is trending on Top on Pakistan Twitter panel since his remarks.

It is observed that Social Media users from Pakistan are angry on Irfan Junejo and calling him hungry for Indian followers, some users also stated that Irfan is playing in enemy’s hands by comparing issue of Kashmir on which whole Pakistani Nation is united with other tiny domestic issues, users are demanding legal action against Irfan for generating a propaganda following the lines of hostile enemy.

Some Indian Twitter accounts have started supporting Irfan Junejo after his remarks about Kashmir.

Irfan Junejo released his Vlog after bashing against him, but users pointed out that in his recent Vlog instead of talking about Kashmir and innocent lives in Kashmir, he again started topic of how much money he can get for making Vieo for people of Kashmir, Social Media users again reacted to his statement and bashed him on Social Media forum.

It is observed that activists are using several trends against Junejo like #UnsibscribeIrfanJunejo , #BoycottIrfanJunejo to highlight his ill mindset about Kashmir, on other hand some are requesting state institutions for action against his blunder, Social Media activist Farhan Khan Virk has also announced to expose Irfan Junejo through Social Media and said that he will answer his all allegations one by one very soon. He has also released a Video to expose the real face of Irfan Junejo.