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Pakistan, Turkey reach their largest ever defence agreement


Turkey — The Turkish officials have announced the agreement between Turkey and Pakistan on the sale of a batch of 30 Turkish-made T129 ATAK multirole combat helicopters.

In his statement, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey and Pakistan “just recently” agreed on the contract, which is also the largest-ever Turkish-Pakistani defense contract.

Both the countries were negotiating a T129 deal since 2014. This is the first export contract for the helicopter.

The T129 went through various tests in Pakistan before the deal was finalised.

Most recently, the T129 was showcased at a March 23 military parade for Pakistani National Day.

“We expect further [T-129] contracts to follow the order from Pakistan,” a Turkish defense procurement official said. “We are in talks with a number of countries.”

The price for the T129 deal with Pakistan has not been officially disclosed but aerospace industry sources estimate the contract to be worth about $1.5 billion.