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Pakistan – The Land of Valiant Hearts


Historic writers have never come across with such unimaginative tidings of the time. We are aware of the time when handful of nobles sat down and uttered with remarkable confidence that “enough is enough”, the brutal world may have sniggered at them and all the monks may have raised their eyebrows. These nobles moved on tirelessly, despite their opponent’s brutal designs fuelled by anti-Islamic intrigue. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the lead of the nobles, had an uncompromising passion to uphold the righteousness and to defend the Muslims of the subcontinent. Our noble leader was aware of the oppressor’s hidden strategy and behind the curtain allegiances. The man was alone against the odds of biggest plotters.

Pakistan in todays prospect is such a cosmic and daringly bright which the connivers before and after 1947 never even dreamt of it. This is the only country, facing enemies from everywhere, tackling with terrorism fuelled by worlds organised intelligence agencies and morally corrupt countries. The worlds organised evil powers have been blaming Pakistan for their own wrongdoings and have sinisterly programming to weaken our land with isolation and to break the federation. These morally corrupt day dreamers have nothing but jealousy and fear of their own disintegration. One of the morally corrupt day dreamer is going through the everlasting nightmares in Jammu and Kashmir.

The valiant hearts of Pakistan are clearly emerging from every corner and bravely proving that the country have all the elements to become a super state. Our chief Justice of Supreme court is setting the yard sticks of judicial supremacy. The political abnormalities will be scrutinized and probed until normal system is placed and them days are not far away. The armed forces have shown that there is no comparison of their professionalism. The planned economic forefront has already created a fear within the region but a new economically booming horizon for the rest of the world.

The connivers against Pakistan never thought that this country will be one of the few atomic powers in the world. The future of the land contains the outcome of the dreams of Allama Iqbal and display of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s directions. The overall mist on the nations thinking is something temporary due to the corruptive political elements. These elements survival in the future is impossible as this is ordained by the Almighty Allah. This miraculous Madina is the land of valiant hearts and it bound to be the dynamic front runner of the countries on this earth.