PTCL has launched a special ‘P’ campaign on this Independence Day which invokes Patriotic emotions as it depicts Pakistan as a Paradise. The campaign ‘P for PTCL, P for Pakistan’ pays tribute to every day Pakistani, who are our Partners in success and have great Potential. It also reflects our diversified and Pristine culture of Pakistan, which is Pure and Peaceful in its spirit and also represents youth, who are Playful and have a Promising future. As a nation, we have a strong identity as our People are Powerful, Passionate & Patriotic. Hum hain PTCL, hum hain Pakistan!

    ‘P for Pakistan’ has been creatively used in its Independence Day musical and emphasizes Pakistan’s identity. The people of Pakistan are proud of this identity and they celebrate it with fervour.  The alphabet ‘P’ represents Pakistan’s and PTCL’s core values.  It stands for powerful, passionate, patriotic, & potential.

    Adnan Shahid, CCO, PTCL said that “ We take pride in the fact that Pakistan is the first word of our company name. It’s really heartening to see this inspiring and original theme showcasing Pakistan that we can all relate to at all levels and communities. It’s been trending and going viral as we have seen its popularity rise quickly.”

    Another interesting fact about the musical is that how it captures the essence of Pakistan through the tune, which uses all the instruments of the provinces and yet there are no words. The band who has created the tune is Khumariyaan who is known for its folk style of music.

    The creative use of ‘P’ is really clever by PTCL as they have really been creative in linking both PTCL and Pakistan in a most effective way! PTCL is a truly Pakistani brand!