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Measles vaccination drive in Pakistan


It is a matter of great concern that measles has become one of the major contributor to the mortality and morbidity of children all over the world including Pakistan. More than 300 Pakistani children died of measles in 2012, a staggering increase on the previous twelve months and a result of three consecutive years of flooding, officials said. The WHO said 64 children died of measles in Pakistan in 2011, 28 of them in Sindh. It was not immediately able to provide statistics for earlier years. These outbreaks started in December 2012 in Sindh Province and spread afterwards to the north of country (Punjab province). The outbreaks claimed about 321 lives in the year 2013.

So to fight this battle against this deadly disease, the measles vaccination campaign was started on October 15 that continue till Monday. The last date of the campaign was Oct 27, however, it was extended up to Oct 29 to ensure vaccination of each and every child. Free opportunity was provided by the government to all the parents to get their children vaccinated.

All the teams of Health Department, trained with the technical support of UNICEF and WHO, along with social mobilizers were present in each locality/union council in their camps to vaccinate the children.

Because a large proportion of our children are not vaccinated against measles. Two doses of measles vaccine are supposed to be given to all children in Pakistan, first at 9 months of age and second dose during the second year of life.