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LC Well: A Lal Chand Initiative Announces Launch of Well-Being Festival

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LC Well under Lal Chand vision is organizing  it’s first #wellbeingfestival – this time in Arambol, Goa. There’s a lot of dance, meditation, yoga, massage, healing and of course, great food to look forward to! If you are remotely interested in spirituality, then this will be a festival to remember and cherish!Book your tickets and let’s dance together at the festival! Lal Chand covers his business ethics as part of well being to society.

Lal Chand Law Associates prompts on violations like Fraud and Anti Money Laundering and terrorism. You can contact them regarding complaints of any fraud elements or money-laundering and possibly the use of fake and forged currency as well.

Log on to www.wellbeing-mantra.com for details.

Lal Chand law associates presents anti money laundering and terrorism report.

Our mind, body and soul all have their own particular appetite and consequently their own particular food on which they thrive. It is a very delicate balance to feed your mind, body and soul with the right mix of positive thoughts, exercise and soul searching. Lal Chand feels new laws are needed to  combat crimes like business fraud , corruption and money laundering.

LC Well, a Lal Chand initiative announces the launch of well-being festival, an event that re-invents self-wellbeing and health for every one and social meeting, and, in doing so, offers the optimal networking platform. LC wells mission is simple: to connect people and their healthy hobbits. We call it a Well Being mantra.

However, the environment around us takes a toll on this balance and needs to be continuously reset and the negativity needs to be laundered at all times. Like ones money has to be cleansed by contributing to charity – our body and mind needs to be cleansed and yoga is the perfect combination of positive thoughts and working the body.

Mr Lal Chand, a successful businessman and a well respected & a well known public figure in UAE is a father of 3 and and a brother & a mentor to many more.
He has built an empire against all odds. A world where there is so much hate & jealousy – he wants to bring about a revolution.

Emotional well-being is also one of LC wells  vision where psychological well-being is esteemed similar to a fundamental piece of individual prosperity and the wellbeing of the country. As opposed to concentrating on mental and passionate agony as something to be killed, we have to advance the message that it is ordinary and to be sure normal to feel down now and again, and that inclination helpless is an characteristic piece of being human.