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Just or Unjust


Tuition is the amount of money which a school charges for educating your child and one must understand that nothing comes free, one has to pay for a service he/she wants to avail and in the same way, private schools charge a little extra for education your child because they not only provide your child with the best possible teaching with a qualified and trained staff but also make sure the child gets equipped with physical training, i-e; Extracurricular activities. Parents often demand undivided attention for their child that comes at a cost.

The news were circulating on social media about private schools overcharging students in lieu of all the extra charges and also, charging for summer vacations. Everyone was seeing it as a robbery or a reason to loot the parents. It’s all fine but one must look at the other side of the story. Private schools have to cover all the expenses from the tuition fee and not to forget that they cannot spend extra more than they can take it. Private schools ensure that every child that spend 8-9 hours goes home with a new learning experience every day and for that they ensure to facilitate every child in the best possible way.

It is justified for schools to charge a little extra because in return; kids are being provided with the best. It is also very common in our society that parents prefer private schools over public school because the standard of education is better in private schools than public schools. If parents do not want to compromise on the quality of education then they have to compromise on extra charges. Though certain schools are charging fee that is substantially high and some gali mohalla schools are just calling themselves so called “English Medium Schools” and charging a fee that is not at all justified but to rope all the schools in one category is unjust. Here the government needs to regulate ad quality of education provided by such schools that have mushroomed across cities and towns. But here again instead of regulating and checking such establishments the government either is ignorant or looks the other way.  Schools with large networks are investing in HR, training and development and to also categorize them as extortionist doesn’t seem fair.