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Since the inception of the paradigm of establishing justice within the second miraculous Madina on the earth; this has been a pure intention on wider scale to uphold the cannons of justice. This miraculous Madina, Pakistan, has never been out of the mood of beaming judicial honourability. No doubt there have been times of judicial pantomimes played by the down trodden political god fathers, but the purified dynasty seekers always endeavoured to let the truth prevail.

Judicial revolution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has never had a pause from progressing surprises. There is no doubt that the progression has independent bearing, spurting from the law lords of the state. These law lords never had the taste of social celebrity portfolio, they have always been silent judicial revolutionists. However there have been instances when the nation had judicial nightmares and they certainly left some scars on the face of judiciary. Our national spin doctors and political God Fathers of judicial pantomimes are directly responsible of causing scars on the face of our judiciary. These mime artists are still around and still full of energy to defy the rule of law.

The recent chapters of our judicial history came out with no fear and absolutely dismissing the political mime artist’s sinister designs. Our judicial lords had reminded us the remarkable role of English law lords during the 1980 – 1990 political sleaze. Our judicial lords came out with the height of nobility, blooming the way for novices and definitely following the state ideology. Coming generations will mark the time as crossing points of our history and may remember our law lords in respectable manner rather then the current political sleaze of Pakistan.

A very well renowned Lord Denning said.

“The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown.

It may be frail—its roof may shake—the wind may blow through it—the storm may enter—the rain may enter—but the King of England cannot enter—all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement.” So be it—unless he has justification by law. Southam v Smout [1964] 1 QB 308 at 320

All the political sleaze and the declared God fathers of this time, may have resources, all the lavishness, the abundance of sold out journalists, speakers and blind folded voters, but one thing they will never have from now on – a compromising rule of law – a recognition of any act unless there is justification by law.