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Israel – A Killer Beast


This is not a theatre, drama or a dreaded fiction. This is Palestine, land of Palestinians who lived there from generations, who never wanted to be stopped from being the custodians of Aqsa mosque. Their slogans have always been humanity first and humanity last. These Palestinians are not the attacker, invaders, or destroyers of any race, land or country.

Jerusalem, capital of Israel – or the most manipulated plotting against the peaceful world.  There was no disruption or disturbance within the region unless the Israel came on the scene. No matter what justification Israel is coming up with, we cannot justify killing and wounding of people by regular army, because they touched the fence? Palestinians are civilians, this is not the army against an army, these are Palestinians holding stones in their hands and displaying their anger on the killings of their loved ones.

The world’s most so called civilised and a world power, united states of America, have definitely added fuel to the fire by opening American embassy. The world has, perhaps, never seen such an idiotic move from a very responsible nation of the world. Which sensible country would class this as a move to bring peace within the region? Israel has always been enemy of Islam and enemy of Islamic states. Israel is disturbing the balance and this disturbance will not bring peace for Israel itself. Israel is living in a very dormant state of mind and becoming the most terrorising oppressive state in the world. History has been made and Israel has already attained a status of a killer beast.

Any oppressor will never be able to suppress the people of Palestine. Guns and bullets have never been able to change the Palestinian concept of freedom. Palestine is the land of Palestinians and anyone else ruling on the land is oppressor, traitor and terrorist in original sense.  The Palestinians being killed on the land are innocent. They have never done anything wrong – they only want to live peacefully on their own land. The people of the world must honour humanity otherwise the world may not be worth living for humans.