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International Women Cricket Back in Pakistan After 15 Years


After almost 15 years, West Indies, the last non-Asian women’s team to tour Pakistan, will again play in the country. The three T20I series will be held in Karachi from 31 January to 3 February and will mark the resumption of international women’s cricket in Pakistan since they hosted Bangladesh in September 2015 for two T20Is and two ODIs.

In March 2004, West Indies toured Pakistan for an ODI series. After the Netherlands, they were the country’s only second team. They will play the three T20Is at the Southend Club in Karachi before moving to Dubai to participate in the 2017-21 ICC Women’s Championship for three ODIs. The first ODI will take place in the Dubai International Cricket Stadium and the second and third matches will take place on the ground of the ICC Academy. The women from the West Indies will arrive in Dubai on 26 January before they will travel to Karachi on 30 January.

“The visit of the West Indies women’s team to Karachi is great news not only for Pakistan cricket but for women’s cricket in general,” PCB chief operating officer Subhan Ahmad said. “We are thankful to Cricket West Indies and their players for trusting the PCB and agreeing to play three T20Is in Karachi.

“The decision of Cricket West Indies endorses our position that Pakistan is as safe and secure as any other country. On behalf of the PCB, I would like to say that we are confident that this tour will go a long way in the complete revival of international cricket in Pakistan.

“The PCB and the CWI have a very long history of collaboration and mutual respect, and this decision further illustrates strong relationship between the two boards. With the West Indies women’s cricket team’s agreement to partake in the three T20Is, the CWI has reiterated their support for a key member of the cricket fraternity in a time when we are working extremely hard to get international cricket back into our backyard.

“By playing in Karachi, they will also contribute to the growth and popularity of women’s cricket in this part of the world. I am sure this series will inspire a number of young women cricketers to take up this great sport.”

Johnny Grave, CWI Chief Executive Officer, said: “This tour is another important step for our friends in the Pakistan Cricket Board to bring their cricket home, and we are pleased that our players and support staff have recognized this and supported it. ” The PCB’s security plan is exactly the same level as last year’s Windies men’s team and independent security advisors, Eastern Star International (ESI), have confirmed to both the CWI and WIPA that they are satisfied that the risk can be managed and mitigated to an acceptable level. ” We have made it very clear to the players and support staff that we fully understand and accept their position if any of them have any personal reservations about this tour. ”