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Intermediate 1100 Number Dilemma or Magic


The whole country is in awe of Pakistani students who have placed worldwide intelligence flags on how to get 1100 out of 1100 in the Intermediate Examination. Understand that it does not include the students’ intellect or the light of wisdom from the spirit realm; rather, it is the magic that the government has cast on the kids. Comprehend this brevity and emancipate yourself from ignorance. Allow me to now describe the number game that will be used to resolve this entanglement.

Therefore, sir, before you take a step ahead or run your thoughts, keep in mind that just the twelfth grade test was conducted in Intermediate and that no eleventh grade paper was taken owing to the code’s blessings. The second thing to remember is that in the twelfth grade, only optional courses were tested, and even then, only 60% of the syllabus was examined, implying that 40% of the curriculum was waived by the code. Now, take the second step and comprehend the narrative behind the 1100 numbers in order to dispel pupils’ doubts and concerns. Intermediate examinations were divided into five distinct groups.

Not only did the boards of education take practical in scientific disciplines, but also practical worth 30 number. Now you must do the third step and thoroughly comprehend the sequence of the pamphlets; I will not repeat it and you will not inquire. Pre-medical examinations are the initial kind of examination. Pre-medical students earned a total of 255 numbers for only three courses.

In the second category of pre-engineering, students were given with 270 number question papers covering three topics. Three ICS articles earned 260 numbers in the third category, General Science papers earned 285 numbers in the fourth category, and Arts papers earned 300 numbers in the fifth category. Now you’re going to be astonished at how the kids obtained 1100 numbers in pamphlets with a maximum of 300 numbers??? Allow me to explain why they are angry. For instance, if a student earns 85 numbers in each of the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, the remaining 15 numbers are granted to the student without regard for practical application, much as the President of Pakistan has done with some individuals.

Decorate Now, in the aforementioned topic, the student earned a perfect score of 100 thanks to the blessings of the code policy. Now go to the fourth stage. Ensure that you skip the fifth step that follows. Now, according to the Code Policy, the three optional courses’ grades have been averaged and the obligatory subjects’ grades (English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, and Pakistan Studies) have been given. And since the Pakistan Studies exams were not taken, these students achieved a record score of 1100 out of 1100. According to the past decade’s record, students who get more than 90% in board examinations earn 100% in scientific courses but have their marks reduced in Urdu or English, preventing them from earning 100%.

When the government announced the reception of optional subject papers under the code policy, the whole media, including parents and students, rejoiced, and the outcome is regretful and full of laughs. Rather than criticizing the students, this is the time to throw the gauntlet down to the government policies that has crippled code creation.