Home Business INDUS MOTOR COMPANY WINS 15th Annual Environment Excellence Award 2018

INDUS MOTOR COMPANY WINS 15th Annual Environment Excellence Award 2018


Indus Motor Company (IMC) has been awarded the 15th Annual Environment Excellence Award (AEEA) at the Annual Conference on Environment 2018 held in Karachi recently.

The conference was organized by the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH), a non-profit organization focused on creating public awareness on environmental, healthcare and educational issues in Pakistan.

Recognized among the top 10 organizations of Pakistan for leading efforts to protect the environment, the award secured by IMC underlined the company’s vision, contribution to environment conservation, as well as its robust corporate social responsibility program. Coupled with this achievement, IMC also received the accolade Special Recognition Award for Best Presentation of AEEA 2018 Nomination.

CEO of Indus Motor Company, Mr. Ali Asghar Jamali said, “It is an honor for us to be recognized by NFEH. The achievement not only brings us joy but also empowers and motivates us to forge ahead with our environmentally-focused efforts with increased might. It reaffirms our commitment to incorporating best practices across our operations and allows us to serve as a role model for others to emulate.”

The awards were presented after the assessment and unanimous agreement of a panel of esteemed judges including government officials and corporate dignitaries.