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Imran Khan: The Metaphor of World Changer!


Jason Bruke called Imran Khan as a metaphor for changing the world that west was unable to see.

Imran Khan’s speeches that starts with ‘Believe in Pakistan’ says it all!

What is it that a country and its people would want from a leader? Is it the fake promises? Or is it all about having electricity? Or is it the long ques of protocol wing crossing matters?

No! it’s not about all of this. It is about how well your country is being represented in rest of the world, it’s about how the democratic structure works in the country and how well is the per capita income going or how does a country view the rich and the poor and what steps are being taken to make it better for them.

But having this all after going through all the chaos of non-governance, corruption, poor functioning of institutions, looting of government treasury by departing political party is not easy. When the governments and its people become so stringent with opposition parties that they leave nothing behind but misery how do people expect a newly formed government to work without funds.

This is exactly what is now faced by Imran Khan and his party members in practice. Only after months of Imran Khan in service for a country with no resources and funds to support his mission and goal of making Pakistan better his government is being criticized for not making up to the expectations of a NAYA PAKISTAN.

Yet he Believes in Pakistan!

All the misconceptions of Army being supportive of PTI prior to elections and the planned electoral outcome is turning into a false reality with each step towards progress. Army, an institution that is keeping Pakistan together for decades has all the rights to point out the traitors and root the causes of Pakistan’s devastation out, but that never complies to the propaganda that Army probed the elections.

Statement from a popular multimedia national and international journalist “I have not been asked to hold back news. Not in this election” explains who probed what. The former government after being massively accounted for its corruption has now no other option but to use the weapon of rigged elections for its counter parts as they got caught for the same. But it can happen only when it’s a reality and not every time the reality check strikes a favor.

He desires an economically independent state but that requires time and patience. He doesn’t want a one-way relation with any of the ally states but a mutually beneficial relationship.

Imran khan’s rhetoric throughout his political career remained consistent. He had always been against the foreign invasion in Pakistan and was very clear on his stance. Finding his party as a Movement for justice, he strives for justice for his people now and mainly through an independent judiciary. His ultimate moto is cleaning the politics of Pakistan and make the country a better place to live in.

“Lack of rule of law is the only reason Pakistan could not join the ranks of progressive nations” – Imran Khan

– Saman Fatima