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HP and ExpressVPN Team Up in Product Pre-installation Development


Technology consumer gadgets company, HP, and VPN firm, ExpressVPN teamed up to pre-install ExpressVPN software on HP products to enhance the online security of users. Currently, a particular set of computers manufactured by HP would benefit from the pre-installation agreement. The announcements made by both companies have also shown that the ExpressVPN software would come with a free 30-day trial plan that’s worth more than US10 on its own while saving the user from the hassle of downloading a VPN.

The new HP Spectre x360 13 would be the first device to feature this pre-installation agreement. Subsequently, other HP devices would have the software pre-installed on their systems. Mike Nash, the chief technologist and VP of Customer Experience, Personal Systems, HP, pointed out the lack of security experienced by most web users. He expressed his view saying that numerous HP users connected to unsafe public Wi-Fi networks and hotspots every day without having the level of security needed for the protection of sensitive information.

Recent market data has shown that the usage of VPNs by internet users has greatly increased. GlobalWebIndex, a company that focuses on performing surveys in the market to determine the latest developments and get consumer data, discovered that 30% of all internet users made use of a VPN while browsing the web in August. Analysts have also determined through constant research and trends in the market that the VPN industry would become increasingly valued by 2022, topping a valuation of $36 billion from its current $24 billion.

This data demonstrates that an increasing number of internet users are getting to understand the advantages gained by using a VPN. When an individual or business surf the internet without a VPN, it ultimately exposes that web user to several risks which range from stolen sensitive data or the installation of a malicious tool to continue stealing information. A usual way most internet users get their security compromised is by linking to public Wi-Fi networks, from which any user on that network could grab information shared on the network.

The HP Spectre x360 13 that would have the VPN software is a product solid for market use and has received several positive remarks from critics. It possesses a wonderful design that comes in different color variants such as Nightfall Black, Poseidon Blue, and Natural Silver. It’s not found wanting in the technology aspect either with a by a quad-core 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, optional 400-nit display, HP’s first 4K OLED 13-inch diagonal display with True Black HDR for a 100,000:1 high contrast ratio9 for perfect blacks, anti-reflection display for outdoor viewing, and factory color calibration with Delta E <2 for a 30% wider color range for amazing viewing experiences.

ExpressVPN utilizes a TrustedServer technology that avoids the hammering issue of data being written to the hard disk of servers by writing data instead of the RAM. The usual way used by other VPN providers is to a server’s hard disk which places the customer’s information in possible jeopardy in the case of a hack. The method TrustedServer uses is to clear the information written on the RAM each time the server is rebooted.

The team-up between ExpressVPN and HP has proven how far ahead ExpressVPN is in the VPN industry. The security firm hinted on their official website that more deals are in the works and would be announced in the future the moment they become finalized.