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How the west planned The New World Order, but East will Rise Again Now !!


Covid-19 played a Vital role in changing and transforming the politics of entire world.

Looks like something big is at the doors of the world, the thing which will bring back the silent warriors back to the game.

Pakistan and Turkey since last couple of years, started strengthen their bonds at every stage or level. No doubt both the countries are also known as the Leader of Muslim world.

Then, from nowhere a Turkish Drama started gaining popularity not only in Turkey or Pakistan, but to the whole world. I know you haven’t watch the whole Drama yet, as its too long to watch. Then can you imagine, a PM of country, watched and then suggest his nation to watch it?

Well, let’s keep the drama aside for a while, though I believe in 5th Generation warfare, and Resurrection Ertugrul playing a vital role in it.

Arab has started falling now, last week, from nowhere, FATF put UAE in a watchlist. Can you imagine this?

Not only this, US yesterday took away his military assets from KSA. The only Defence System, “Patriot Anti Missiles” have been taken away from KSA, as US is anger over KSA due to recent Oil War.

This may give Iran a chance to face Saudia once again, and to fulfill his fire of hatred. KSA being a puppet, will not be able to do anything without any external Help and as we know, whenever, KSA and Iran came face to face, then only when Lion from the Muslim World come forward as a mediator, Pakistan.

Pakistan will be playing a crucial and vital role over the world politics sooner.

So what’s coming? I can’t say what is coming though Im only waiting for 2023.

2023 is the year of Revolution. Pak-Turk Alliance getting stronger day by day, while only Allah knows what he has already written.

  • The Treaty of Lausanne of Turkey will come to its end in 2023.
  • Turkey will have an election scheduled in 2023.
  • Pakistan will have an election scheduled in 2023.

Written by: Osama Sultan