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Guns and Gals Ladies Shooting Club


A local company launches a Gun Club ‘Guns And Gals’ in Karachi where aspiring females comprising of young girls and housewives were trained in gun handling and self-defense. The first training session was held on Monday 3rd December 2018 by Guns & Accessories in Karachi.

Zahid Motiwala of Guns & Accessories sponsored the guns and ammunition for this exciting activity for adventurous ladies. An overwhelming majority of ladies in the largest city of Pakistan want to get hands-on training regarding how to use a gun and where to get the training from, and this Club will provide an excellent platform to those aspiring females.

Trainer Zahid Abdul Qadir taught the adventurous gun enthusiast females the basics of gun safety and how to handle a gun. Hira, who was present at the occasion termed owning a gun a necessity in a city where crime is an everyday happening. ‘Guns has been my passion for a long time so I knew exactly what I was getting into when I joined this club. It is better to be prepared in Karachi because street crimes show no signs of slowing down and we the ladies will have to take matters of their self defence seriously.’

One of the participants Humera, a housewife, had good things to say about the Gun Club. ‘I had never held a gun in my hand before joining “Guns and Gals Club” but now I am more confident that in case of any untoward incident, I will be more prepared than before. One must have proper gun training because if you know how to fire a gun, it will helps you to be safe and secure.’

The Gun Club is a new and exciting addition to the female social circle of Karachi where women from all walks of life can get registered in self-defense training for a very reasonable fee and be trained by the best in the business. for more details you can reach out at www.facebook.com/GunsNAccessories