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Film Review – Teefa in Trouble


Sometimes, to showcase one’s struggle and dedication, one has to work hard with determination very silently and make the world enchanted for him by not raising his words, but by raising his actions. This is what is applicable to the block buster movie of Pakistani cinema of this decade i.e. Teefa in Trouble.

This movie falls into the category of making audience mesmerized by its deft editing, strong vocals, wonderful cinematography, enchanting and floral dance steps, lofty comedy, heroic action, compact story line and witty dialogues. A 2hr 35 min movie utterly left everyone in a state of worthy praise by experiencing a roller coaster ride which took us to the magical land of Poland and made us fall in love with their magnificent architecture and that clock tower on which Teefa (Ali Zafar) and Anaya (Maya Ali) spent a night together gives us chilly and complete romantic feels.

This movie starring Ali Zafar as Teefa and Maya Ali as Anaya embarking on a journey from Poland to Old streets of Lahore shows us the picturesque technique used in it. Teefa is a goon who went on a mission to Poland to kidnap Maya for one of his clients. During their journey back to Lahore, they both fall in love with one another. This love caused many turbulence among their families, but in the end, they succeeded by making us believe in the power of love over conflicts.

This movie couldn’t have been a greater hit without the wonderful direction by Ahsan Rahim. He exactly knew how to take a simple plot and intertwine it various ups and downs, mysteries, action and producing a brilliant visual masterpiece. He was sure of his struggle and this dedication is displayed in the whole movie which has captivated the hearts of many people since its release.

Apart from the wonderful direction, other side casts which worked hard to make it a super duper hit are Jawed Sheikh who proves once again that he is fit to play a role of any type despite his age. He is an amalgamation of the person displaying his love for his Punjabi tradition and elite class at the same time. Mehmood Aslam is the epitome of versatility. His acting in Khaani in which he is playing the role of a tyrant politician to Butt Sahib in Teefa in Trouble lays everyone at his feet. His realistic acting skills surely deserve an award for making us laugh out loud!

Strong vocals are what which defines this incredible movie. It depicts each song with immense intensity which won hearts of billions of people. “Sajna Door” is one of the songs which heal shattered hearts by giving them sliver of hope. It is a ray of sunshine for broken hearts.

With this spectacular hit, Pakistani Film industry has been acknowledged by international viewers as well and almost within half a month it has earned ₨30.93 crore (US$2.9 million) in Box office. It is surely a heart soothing treat for many of us.

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