Home Entertainment Famed ‘Fifty Fifty’ comedian requests fans for help in paralysis treatment

Famed ‘Fifty Fifty’ comedian requests fans for help in paralysis treatment


Long-forgotten Pakistani actor Majid Jahangir of Fifty Fifty fame is in dire need of medical attention.

The comedian’s funds have run dry, having been spent on medical bills, after he lost partial function of his body to paralysis almost three years ago. Some state officials had then stepped up to help him in his treatment.

Early Thursday morning, Junaid Akram, a stand-up comedian who looks up to Jahangir, urged his friends and followers on social media to come forward and assist the veteran actor in whatever way possible.

“I had been searching for Majid Jehangir for so long and this is how I’ve found him. He’s been my biggest inspiration in comedy. Seeing my hero in this state makes me feel really sad,” Akram wrote.

An accompanying picture of the actor, now in his 60s, showed him standing against a car featuring a banner that read:

“لوگوں کو ھنسانے والے ففٹی ففٹی کے مشہور مزاحیہ فنکار ماجد جہانگیر کے فالج کے علاج کے لئیے پرستاروں سے مدد کی اپیل ہے”

Loosely translated, it reads: “This is an appeal to the fans of Majid Jahangir, the famous comedy artiste from Fifty Fifty who used to make people laugh, to help him in the expenses related to the treatment of his paralysis.”

Other fans and admirers also took to social media, saying the old comedian does not have enough funds to bear medical expenses by himself.

A number was also provided in this regard — (92) 302-2407374 — if someone wished to be of assistance to Jahangir.

Speaking over phone, Jahangir explained that the challenges in his life have kept piling up and that, due to his sickness, he is unable to get any kind of employment.

Owing to difficulties in his speech, the actor had his wife, Saba Majid, saying ever since the actor’s paralysis three years ago, the couple has been asked to make weekly visits to the doctor.

This, therefore, means that apart from his medical expenses, he also has to bear regular commute costs and with no permanent income, it is very hard to live the day-to-day life.

They have moved to Lahore after losing hopes of getting any assistance from the government of Sindh, the comedian’s wife says.

“With a treatment that could possibly last a lifetime, we could really do with some financial assistance,” said Saba, who, herself, is a heart patient.

He can walk, she says, but “with someone’s assistance”.

Just before hanging up, the actor explains that despite writing to the governor and the chief minister, he has had no help after mid-2016, when  Sharmila Farooqui of Pakistan Peoples Party and President Mamnoon Hussain had offered financial assistance.