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Fahad Sheikh to play the male lead in YOU ME US


The one gift that the last year has definitely blessed the TV screens with is the thrilling performances of Fahad Sheikh, who is on his row of success with his splendid performances. Having given back to back hit projects like Jalan that has won hearts of his fans, Fahad Sheikh can now be seen in Ghamandi and Dunk and soon making his way to a milestone in his career by being the male lead in Pakistan’s first digital feature film!

 With his work of art and projection of applaudable expressions with his acting skills, Fahad Sheikh is proud to have been casted in Pakistan’s first ever digital feature film which is in the works under the collaboration between AJ Films and Zyre Films. Pakistan’s first feature film also has Mahenur Haider as the female lead.

Digital feature films are undoubtedly the future and resonate more with the audiences due to their appealing nature. “Someone had to step up and plant the first seed, so here we are!” said Fahad Sheikh sharing his excitement for the upcoming film that will be released digitally.

Recent work of Fahad Sheikh and Sohail Javed was a short film ‘Naam Kya Rakha’ which crossed 1 million organic views online on YouTube with fans and viewers alike commenting on its praise. The raw emotions and the story-line topped with Fahad Sheikh’s undeniably brilliant acting skills  hooked everyone to their screens. It would certainly be noteworthy to have the actor-director duo create a work of art yet again for the audience.

“Signing was easy as we get along well,” Fahad shared, adding that he feels that he shares great work chemistry with the director. “I guess he likes working with me and the chemistry we have is rare.”

“This project is not what I’ve done before. I believe this is going to be an experience to remember,” he further stated.

Fahad also praised Mahenur; the executive producer and female lead. “She’s a sweet soul, committed, honest and a lot of fun to work with,” he said adding that she’s a genuine person.  “No hangups at all!”

Mahenur Haider, has previously graced the screens with her acting in the blockbuster Teefa in Trouble opposite Ali Zafar and Maya Ali. She has been part of a short film along with Mohsin Abbas Haider which was much liked by the audience. Her excellent acting skills and the pretty smile shines through the screens each time.

It is decided that the film will release digitally, however, the portal is yet to be finalised.

A treat to watch out for the youth of Pakistan, is one of the first in its nature. It is based on a cute expression of love and an honest story which also carries elements of intensity within it. Written with a lot of heart, its plot revolves around a boy who falls hopelessly in love with a girl. Such fresh story and bright faces bring content of value for its viewers and anticipating fans of the actors. The wait seems hard to get through with such attractive on-screen pairing and a story to watch out for!