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Electronic Word Of Mouth and Consumers Purchase Intentions


Before the birth of technology people used face-to-face communication and message was conveyed verbally. Sending and spreading vital information was done through people who in marketing were referred to as word of mouth communicators. Companies and their managers have said to found it essential for a long period of time as it has been considered essential mean of shaping the attitude and behavior of consumers. It has also stated as an oral interpretation of the products among acquaintances which is free from biasness and is interactive and rapid. The emergence of technology changed the way people live and interact with one another. And internet further made it easier to see, hear and share information of what interest’s people. It has changed the way of dispersing information and today we are just far from ‘one-click’. Hence, oral communication got replaced by digitalized communication.

Consumer’s cognitive behavior and feelings are affected through information dispersed on social media and hence has essential impact on the reputation of an organization. Electronic word of mouth runs on the similar pattern of word of mouth while just differing in the means. All of the tasks here are carried out using social media platform including blogs, reviews and profiles. Henning defined eWOM as communication that “refers to a statement made by potential, actual or former customers regarding a product or company, which can be positive or negative and is made accessible to a mass of people and institutions through Internet”

Buyers buy aim is a basic variable to be inspected. Think about all the exceptional qualities of the web, for instance, the ability to be open to the general populace for uncertain time. Some say that verbal exchange is fundamentally more intense than standard advancing, for instance, business through day by day papers, radio and individual offering, while others express that it is nine times as reasonable as regular exhibiting. Purchasers are nowadays depending for the most part on online information made by various customers to settle on decisions on future thing purchases. Individual to individual correspondence goals stages have formally fulfilled innumerable customers. Retail websites are sites of a retail location which concentrate on the offer of products and enterprises through the Internet. Consequently, the primary substance on the websites originates from advertisers of retail shops. Its proprietorship can in this manner be delegated private. The primary aim of the website is along these lines to offer the items offered in the retail shop. In the meantime, audits bolster stages by expanding consumer loyalty and nature of administration, in a way that future shoppers can illuminate themselves in advance by looking over the surveys to decide if the item fits their desire.

Word of mouth influences the decision making process of consumer while buying products and their loyalty towards product and company regarding re-buying of the same product. However it has been stated that it can also prove fatal for the organization through negative messages.  Because relevance is essential and people hardly spend much time in going through complete details instead scan for the portion that has precise and relevant data. It than becomes mandatory for the online market dealers to provide the most relevant information so that they can attract massive customers. Relevance effects decision-making process and the effectiveness are based on the information collected which is presented for the audience. The accuracy of the information collected depends on the reliability and influences the perception of consumers. Information needs to be accurate, reliable and accurate that is exchanged through medium as it affects the consumers’ buying intentions by ensuring to be useful for them.

The greatest responsibility of online community is to handle the timeliness. But what is new is the most favorite question customers search for. The absence of newness can lead to lack in interests of customers for the product and organization. Along with the newness, information needs to be comprehensive as well. It should be comprehensive and complete as it well create a wider sense for customers in purchasing products. This will add to their satisfaction whereas on the contrary the incomplete information will lead to different interpretations regarding the product as well as organization.

With all the elements present in the distribution of information the purchase intentions of customer’s gets satisfaction. When customers are mentally satisfied they develop purchase intention and go for buying the product within a certain period of time. Word of mouth strongly influences the positivity and negativity of product. When the words are strong, information is precise and accurate customers develop positive attitude with the product and organization. The positivity is the favorable experience and recommendations to purchase while negativity is the unfavorable experience and recommendations not to purchase.

The purchasing intention is not solely dependent upon the credibility and nature of information available. But also on how the customers react towards the information available. Second, technology acceptance which is not acceptable by certain customers because it lacks the interpretation of customer’s intentions and attitudes and is solely focused on the usage factor

Considering the successful use of word of mouth or viva voice marketing of products, either verbally or using social media or both there are currently nine companies that boosted as a result it. Reckitt Benckiser Company targeted mothers using word of mouth communication which resulted in five times increase in Dettol. Zapoos of Tony Hsieh delivers happiness through word of mouth communication. Make – A-Wish foundation used social media to create awareness about their event related to life threatening illness of children and received huge donations. Similarly, Star Bucks, Coconut Bliss, Red Bull, Adidas, Chipotle and 3M ESPE; manufacturer of dental products removed barriers from receiving the reviews of dental customers. They observed an increase in the feedback and hence benefited.

Social media has taken over the world of communication hence is adopted by the market for propagating the consumers. People use face book, Instagram, blogs and text messaging for reviewing and sharing their experience related to the purchased product and its quality. Smart phones have further added to the easiness of marketing communication. Electronic word of mouth has both positive and negative impacts on consumers buying intentions. It is easy and steady mean to spread and commercialize the products whereas; the privacy element is the drawback. Companies need to sign up watchdog for the credibility and timeliness of information. Fakers can be a stain for company tracking down its reputation and leading it to loss. Dissemination of information about the products influences the psyche and decision making ability of the consumers. Because most of the times online reviews and surveys add up in influencing the intentions. Hence it can be said that electronic word of mouth in the era of technology is boosting the purchase of products.