An upcoming Ramadan transmission under the brand name of Ehede Ramzan is soon to be on air. Ehede Ramzan is creating hype among the audience particularly because of its unique concept.

    The transmission will be hosted by the talented artists Javeria Saud and Imran Abbas. In an exclusive interview with Javeria Saud, it was revealed that the transmission comprises of number of segments for children and youth. It is first of its kind initiative, where the main motive of Ramadan transmission is to attract youth and not temporarily. It has an aim of tailoring their life around the religion in such a manner that it becomes part of their lifestyle. Moreover, Javeria Saud further added that it is one of the transmissions where we are trying to inculcate religion in our youth in quite a liberal manner. A segment for children which will include narrating religious stories to children in such a manner that they are not only intriguing but morals of the stories will be well defined. This will help children not only to understand religion better but to make good deeds part of their life.

    Ehede Ramzan, a youth-oriented transmission focus is that people design their life around religion and make it their lifestyle. Moreover, a tribute will be paid to legendary naat khawans and that even by their own blood relatives. The aim is to promote the talent and also, encourage them to recite naats.