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Education System in Pakistan


Quality based education is the key foundation for the nation progress. Research reported that quality oriented education is all about human development and social development of the actual needs of all students. Important feature of the quality-oriented education is the development of human intellectual potential and formation of human personality (Bernard, 1999).

Pakistan is a country where there does not exist a single well oriented and stable education system. Pakistan education institutions contain multiple and directionless education delivering mediums. Most obvious elements observed are cramming tradition, lack of teachers training, too pale and stale Text book usage in education institutions. One of the strong evidence regarding the pale and stale text is the old textbook that is being studied in government schooling system. It is quite obvious that education system in our society got divided in to different mediums. All this affected the real purpose of education in our society. One can observe the quality of education system found in our society. There exists a marks oriented and quality oriented education mediums in Pakistan. Majority of education system focused greatly on marks oriented education. Strong evidence regarding this marks oriented education is found in Pakistan where it is compulsory to score a particular grade otherwise a student remains in the same class.

This general education in Pakistan has paid more attention on grading criteria rather than on the training of students for their future. This is a big drawback of Pakistani society education network that is especially observed in government sector education institutions. Unstable and directionless education system is one of the challenges that Pakistani society has been facing for a long time ago. This crisis is the root cause that has given birth to a lot of different social issues in Pakistani society. Education has a major role in modern society development since when there will be low educated individuals then society will stops its further progress (Idrisa et al., 2011). More efforts are required to improve the quality of the education and for the development of the human potential so that a nation bright future can be envisioned.

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