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DUNK Episode 29 Belonged to Fahad Sheikh


Fahad Sheikh is without any doubt an actor who’s in a league of his own. He has continuously opted for roles that challenge and excite him instead of choosing to remain within his comfort zones. Fahad Sheikh didn’t step into the drama industry with that attitude or mentality. Fahad believes in taking the roads that are less travelled. He never till date got stuck in a particular brand of entertainment or acting. Which is why he is seen doing wonders in all his drama serials, especially DUNK.

As we just watched DUNK’s recent episode, where Fahad Sheikh (Safeer) is in state of shock by learning of Amal’s truth, we can observe his heart boggling expressions. The episode starts with Amal yelling how unfair it is for her to be accused of the things Haider said in court. After which, Minal is found complaining to his brother on how he lied about the fact that Haider tried to fight with him and then there’s Haider’s mother complaining to her husband on how the society always accuses the innocent of being mad. On the other side, Haider argues with Minal on how she needs to stop advocating for him.

The episode goes on by showing how Safeer visits Professor Humayun’s wife Saira’s house, where she tells him about how his husband suffered through the harassment allegation on him and how she throughout believed that her husband was innocent. Fahad here can be seen in expressions of shame and distress, and thus he leaves her house in sorrow. The hurt, disappointment and helplessness he portrayed in the scene was just outstanding.

Moving on in the episode, Haider’s mother bumps into Amal and states how she feels proud knowing the reason behind Haider not marrying her. She also scoffs at her by saying how Amal was previously claiming she’d tarnish Haider’s image, yet she just said so whereas her son has started implementing on it. Minal is seen convincing Saira to support Haider in court.

There’s a court scene shown where Haider’s lawyer calls Amal, Haider’s friend, and the principal to ask several questions which led to showcasing the innocence of Haider. And at last, Safeer is called to the witness stand, and as soon as he is asked a question, Safeer interrupts and claims that Amal “was” his wife and ends up divorcing her at the court by repeating “Talaq” thrice, where everyone is seen in a state of shock.

By the end of the episode, Amal’s lawyer mentions how emotionally trapping this was as the person being mentioned (Saira) is not even present in the court, where then Saira shows up saying she’s present and that’s where the episode ends in total suspense. The way in which Fahad Sheikh expresses his hurt is so smooth and moving for the viewers. Not only his character but also his acting and his expressions is what made him a hero of these episodes. Can’t wait to see more of his acting in the next episode!