Donate Chhipa – Support The Mission Of Ramzan Chhipa


    The Holy month of Ramazan is here and we all know that there’s high significance of good deeds which are performed in this month. Do good, make others’ life easy and convenient, help them to live a better life and try to understand the pain of others; that’s what one should do in the month of Ramazan. It’s time to look out for opportunities to help others and lessen up their burdens. Chhipa Welfare is a reputable and trustworthy organization that is operated under the leadership of Ramzan Chhipa. People who are less privileged and those who cannot afford a better lifestyle are helped by Chhipa Welfare.

    In the month of Ramzan, one should donate as much as possible in order to help those who need that to improve their lives and can get benefited from. What else is better to do than helping mankind in this Holy month? Ramzan Chhipa requests everyone to come forward and donate to Chhipa Welfare as much as possible, so that Chhipa Welfare can further more help needy people. Chhipa Welfare has a shelter home where many people are taken care of; kids, senior citizens and many other individuals are given with place to live and eat.

    Not only shelter homes but Chhipa Welfare also provides “Ambulance Services” to those who face accidents or mishaps on the roads. With a huge fleet of Ambulances and workers, Chhipa Welfare is always ready to serve the mankind. Those who want to donate to Chhipa Welfare can always add their share so that they can have more ambulances which will be utilized to help people. It’s always a satisfying feeling to help poor and needy humans. And it is about time that people should come forward and help Chhipa Welfare grow bigger and better so that a common man can have a better life with all that they desire.

    This Ramazan, help people, donate to Chhipa Welfare, and become a partner in the mission and vision of Ramzan Chhipa.

    Visit and donate as per your monetary status and ability. Keep helping others as good deeds come back to you.