Convo Offers a Solution to Workplace Vulnerabilities with Advanced Enterprise Security


    The fast-paced advent of technology has brought a paradigm shift in the work environment. What was once a simple, hierarchical structure is now a complex network of teams spread across the globe, collaborating over multiple projects on the go. Convo brings together cross-functional teams on one platform to increase their agility and enhance the work efficiency with all the security of an enterprise platform.

    It’s a Jungle out there!

    Traditionally, employees used the established communication channels specified by the organizations. However, as the Gen Z enters the workplace, the modes of communication have been redefined. The millennials have introduced new tools like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook, which they bring with them on their devices to the workplace.

    These platforms are replacing email as a primary source of workplace communication because it lacks context-based and collaborative exchange of productive information. However, the information fragmented over a number of apps often complicates things instead of making them simpler. These apps pose a security risk to the workplace and may result in a data breach. Similarly, with smart devices imbued in our lives, most of the workers prefer using personal devices for conducting official business as well.

     Convo- Enterprise Work Collaboration

    Bring your own device (BYOD) policy poses a serious threat to the conventional enterprise security model by blurring the lines of real-time location and asset ownership. The primary threats come from the malware or spyware these devices may carry that have the potential to enter and infect the entire network. Additionally the information pertaining to the workplace carried on such devices can be hacked leading to the leakage of sensitive data or employees themselves sharing this data outside the authorized network or an employee can simply walk away with the data when leaving the organization. With workplace email and data being accessed on personal devices, the businesses are struggling to determine standard procedures and secure models embodying the needs of their workers without compromising the corporate security concerns.

    Key security features of Convo provide an effective solution by providing bank grade security. Everything that is shared on the network is secured with advanced data encryption at-rest and during transit. This firmly assures that the valuable information is always safe, secure and protected.

    With the web, desktop, iOS, and Android applications, Convo adopts a holistic approach to enterprise work collaboration. The feature-rich platform forgoes the necessity of having an official email by simplifying and optimizing the workplace interactions. Convo brings the best-loved features of the social media networks to create highly-interactive, focused and productive workplace collaboration software.

    Email, Who?

    From keeping you updated on-the-go with its real-time feed view to image/text-based polling options to context-based communication with text snippets on the media files. Convo is the complete solution for all the communication needs of your enterprise. With familiar features like hashtags, posts, labels and group-chats, the employees can quickly reach out to their colleagues in the same department, same office, or even across the globe! The platform comes with bank-grade security thus providing an ultra-secure environment for document sharing, chat and video-conferencing, etc. The single-sign on option makes it easier to access your data on multiple devices.

    Make your Voice Heard!

    Convo believes that the only way to keep up with the highly competitive corporate sector is to be proactive. In this vein, the team has worked hard to update and develop the software with the changing workplace requirements. With the studies revealing that the technological solutions for workplace communication can enhance the productivity of the employees up to 25%, it is high time to invest in an all-rounded communication solution like Convo and make yourself heard loud and clear!