Home Entertainment Coke Studio Gets Desperate to Promote Its Failed Track “Ko Ko Korina”

Coke Studio Gets Desperate to Promote Its Failed Track “Ko Ko Korina”


Coke Studio has been feeding the souls of music lovers since 2008 with their music and amazing creations. The trend of recreating old music has always had great risk of getting fail but Coke Studio was producing hit tracks one after another. This track “Koko Korina” just came out and seems to be a major flop. Coke Studio was known for the best combinations and singers put together but lately it seems that they are doing too much of experimenting. They bring up singers and give breaks to those who don’t even have any experience. Like when they got Ali Zafar’s Brother Daniyal and paired with Momina Mustehsen in the track “Muntazir”.

People criticized so much on bringing people who don’t have talent but just good approach; the track somehow worked and didn’t get bad online rating. Now again this time they bring Ahad Raza Mir keeping in mind his huge followers supporting him as an actor and try to pair him with Momina Mustehsan hoping that it will work out. No wonder what strategy Coke Studio Has in mind ruining classic tracks. Fortunately music lovers still have some class and taste in Pakistan who refuse to accept any kind of such useless music created by a brand as huge as Coke Studio.

The video has been boosted on YouTube through paid promotions but that even didn’t work out for this one as it has been the worst creations of Coke studio till date.

One thing should be clear to the Team Coke Studio that bringing pretty faces like Momina and paring them with heartthrob actors like Ahad won’t work if the music is not good. The Pakistani audience surely has rich taste in music and will never promote something which humiliates classic tracks of Pakistani industry. By boosting the post they got the track trending on number 2 but also got them a reality check by people who are not sold by just what’s trending, they also have a strong opinion of their own.

Coke Studio must realize that such crap music won’t be sold even by throwing money into promoting them. Pakistani people want true soul satisfying music.

Such desperate steps like paid promotions can never change the views of people. People have great strength and only good music can get good reviews. Audience just want the lost quality of coke studio back and not just pretty faces showing fake on screen chemistry with worst vocals.