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“Choriye” Romantic Duo Couple Song By Rafia Zeeshan


In her ever so melodious voice, Rafia Zeeshan gives another exciting track “Choriye.” In times when we prefer and respect young artists from a talented country, Rafia Zeeshan is one name we can look for. Her single “Choriye” obviously varies from her other patriotic debut hit, “Dil Tu Jaan Tu.” Just like the track, you can only be impressed by its lovely voice and reverberate in its lyrical melody. The husband of the singer writes “Choriye” and reveals the pure love held by the married couple altogether.

Rafia Zeeshan was born in the town of Faisalabad. She looks at the life of our artist. She has multiple accomplishments, serving as a presenter on a private television network and becoming a professor of media studies for the WISH and the Islamabad Foundation University. She and her husband are seen in teamwork to be the charm of her music. Her husband gives the corresponding lyrics while creating a song that makes way for the perfectly calming road.

The song was based on married couples and how the brilliance of love always goes missing or gets lost elsewhere as their life becomes normal over the years. Rafia Zeeshan and her husband themselves play the husband and wife couple of the song oddly, which makes it a more authentic portrayal of the viewer. Holding her own voice in this song would help her feel more in tune with the album and the words.

The melody coupled with the tempo set the tone for a romantic and still warm album. The music has been great. Top-top with Rafia Zeeshan’s ever so melodious voice, this track is the best way to just perform a laid-back evening track.

Many, if not all of the time we see newfound passion and young families come together. The lyrical material and the accompanying videos typically appeal only to the young generation with fast music and phrases they can only truly understand. In such a situation, it’s hard to relate to these songs from our adult community or apparently a little mature people. That’s why tracks like “Choriye” play a major role: in addition to the younger lot, they interact not just with the married couple around us.

There’s something in Rafia Zeeshan’s music, a combination of traditional and contemporary tones in her voice, which makes her stand out from her contemporaries. The wonderfully sung lyrics blend like a sea, as if they are all part of one.

The song’s uniqueness lies in its authentic yet strong texts that have been digested and not only pushed through the breeze by the listeners. Our talented artist Rafia Zeeshan supports the music and voice of the lyrical content.

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