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Blogger Meetup for Building a Tolerant, Safer, Protected and Equal for All Pakistan


In Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution of Pakistan declares that people and groups have the freedom to voice their views without fear of consequence, retribution, or punishment. It should also be mentioned that more room is required for free speech. As marginalized people, these people are already hushed and have become part of the culture of silence.

People marginalized by class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or any other category would include anyone like women, children, the elderly, the handicapped, the LGBT community, and people living in poverty. We would be taking away their fundamental human right if we didn’t listen to their ideas, thus in addition to that, we will not be able to take care of their problems, wants, and interests.

Do we as people, as communities, and as organizations feel pride in our capacity to allow the underprivileged to share their viewpoints, even when their beliefs vary from ours? How satisfied are we that we have shown just how diverse the nation is?

Instagram, Twitter and Bloggers from Social Media all came together in Islamabad to discuss problems and potential outcomes for the Campaign #MeriAwazSuno by Mashal-e-Haq. Find answers to these difficult questions: what obstacles are we confronting, and what is the path to succession?

On the occasion Speakers shared that “One of these campaigns is a digital effort aimed at raising awareness regarding the various rights enshrined in the Pakistani constitution and international law, including religious and ethnic minorities, women, the poor, and other marginalized and vulnerable groups, especially those who belong to more than one of these groups. By advocating for a positive shift in attitudes and knowledge, advocacy-driven national and private campaigns provide opportunity for open conversations that are sensitive to those who may have been overlooked in the past. It is imperative that those who are powerless have the ability to openly speak their views without fearing retribution”

Mr Naveed sharing his opining said that “Every human being has a birthright of respect, decency, and worth. The basic human rights every individual is born with deserve our recognition and gratitude. The freedom to express oneself is a prerequisite for many other rights which are essential for day-to-day living. Open, tolerant, and diverse societies can only exist if people are free to express themselves and speak their views. An abundance of concerned citizens and charities strive to raise awareness on the fundamental human rights of the underprivileged”