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Biggest Fan, Pays Tribute to Legendary Junaid Jamshed


Ammad Hasan is a die hard fan of legendary icon Junaid Jamshed and is inspired by him in all aspects of life. Paid his tribute by remaking the song. He is a business post graduate from IBA-Punjab University is a marketing professional. He has been affiliated with various export oriented textile units in various capacities for more than 2 decades. He has keen interest in music and reading literature. He is a fiction writer as well as a part time vocalist. His 5 books including 3 fiction novels in Urdu have been published already. This is his 2nd tribute to JJ and first complete cover that can be considered as a remake.

This remake/cover is a tribute to all 3 versions of the anthem by Junaid Jamshed’s die hard fan Ammad Hassan on his 4th Death Anniversary to show his love for his favorite singer and personality. He says Junaid bhai will live in our hearts forever! Especially in this difficult situation  of COVID-19, where everyone is uncertain and worried. This is just a humble effort to lift the spirits and revive the unity among all of us says Ammad hassan. 

Legend Junaid Jamshed “JJ” performed this anthem “Ek Chand Ek Sitara” in 2015 after a gap of 14 years  since his last anthem “Dil Mange Dil Mange” that came in 2001. He performed this one with his band “Vital Signs” as well as “Solo”.

Originally written by Legend Shoaib Mansoor ‘ShoMan”Originally Composed & Performed by Legend Salman Ahmed “Junoon”

Cover by Ammad HasanProduced by Ali SherComposed by Salman AhmedLyrics by Shoaib Mansoor
Special Thanks to Tanzeela Ammad, Madiha Affan & Prince Affan Bin Saqib.Humble thanks to Mr. Sheharyar Hasan Qadri for allowing the shoot at his “Farmhouse”.

Thank you for your love and appreciation.