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Best Strategy to deal with Coronavirus


There is no running away from corona virus pandemic as there is no data which assures the claims that only a certain group of people, race, age, gender, religion or creed makes you stronger or weaker against the virus.

There have been reports circulation in the news that the people aged above 55 years are mere risk of being the target of covid-19 as compared to other age groups. Moreover, the people having weaker immune system and a plethora of diseases are in grave danger of being affected.

According to Dr Mahim Akber, Newyork-based Pakistani health professional, most of her corona virus patients were infected either by their family or by their friends. She further added by saying that her majority patients were diabetic.

People in their 20s, 30s and 40s have also been affected by corona virus, but compared to elderly people, their immune is much stronger which makes them less vulnerable to virus. Dr Akber informed that if they see any elderly patient who’s having difficulty in breathing or his oxygen level are not up to the mark, they put him on vent immediately.

On acquiring further, Dr Akber told that people with weak immune system are vulnerable to virus and it becomes very difficult for them to recover and survive let alone their age groups. Another perilous remark she made was about the people affected by covid-19 can also suffer heart-attack in some extreme cases.

It is not only in the US or the UK that more men are at mercy of covid-19 compared to women, but according to the special reports, it is same throughout the world. Men and women both are equally affected. World Health Organisation (WHO) has alarmed all the age groups and genders to take safety precautions to combat the virus.

Social distancing and lockdowns have played a vital role in slowing down the spread of virus. However, as per Dr Michael Merson, professor of global health at Duke University in the US, it would be early to say the plan of action to counter the covid-19 has been successful in the long run and he stated that what would come next if this virus strikes again.

The professor also stated that virus effected countries must look at Wuhan’s way of dealing with the pandemic and what steps did they take at the peak of the virus and what were there efforts post this pandemic.

There have been a lot of countries who not only took safety precautions timely, but they were also successful in controlling the spread of pandemic.

China being one of the first countries to take timely precautions in Wuhan and by taking the responsibility of their people, China made sure that each one of them is tested and quarantined at government-based facilities.

In response to corona virus, China ordered its doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff to give their full attention to the epicenter, Wuhan, so that all of them could be tested. Also to make lockdown more effective, China ensured that none of its citizen die of hunger, they provided each family with food supplies at their door-steps.

Some countries like South Korea and Germany have also been successful in mitigating the death ratio in their states. They carried out tests, traced the confirmed cases and monitored them via mobile applications.

South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong used their past experiences to combat this pandemic. Singapore and Hong Kong were the two countries who were exposed to SARS epidemic in 2003, whereas South Korea had to deal with the spread of MERS in 2015.

South Korea and the US have only a day’s difference in reporting of their first covid-19 cases. Eventually, the number of cases in the US rose to hundreds of thousands, whereas South Korea’s number of cases remained low due to their timely actions which somehow resulted in decline of their 900 cases per day to just 100 new infections.

Credit must be given to the officials of South Korean government for their professionalism as they traced the suspects, screened them and provide them with health facilities.

As instructed by South Korean Health Ministry, the passengers have to download the self-diagnosis application issued by ministry. Passengers has to use the app on daily basis and if they found any symptom of virus, they have to report to the ministry.

People having tested positive for covid-19 were continuously monitored and ministry made sure that they did not interact with other fellow beings.

Lastly, South Korea also introduced drive through testing service for their people to make it more feasible to use and test for covid-19. The Korean kits which could detect covid-19 in a span of 10 minutes were imported by the US lately.

This article is written by Hamza Khalique