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An Interview With A Comic Artist | Majid Khan


We talked to Pakistan’s famous comic artist and social media influencer Majid Khan who has an Instagram audience of almost 102,000 people and more than 500,000 fans on facebook. Majid is a finance guy and he started making comics as a side hobby but it became a full-on gig. Since he started making comics and became known on social media, Majid has completed hundreds of partnerships with different brands that he helps promote to his audience.

We asked Majid a few questions about the comic and influencer industry and here’s what he had to say about growing his social media channels, making a name for himself and staying true to his roots. The new social media influencers, who are struggling to build their profiles, can take Majid’s advice to grow their online presence and profiles.

Read what Majid had to say!

TPA: How would you describe yourself?
Majid: Well, I am just an ordinary guy who observes stuff going on in our society and then narrates it in his simple way.

TPA: When did you realize that your hobbies could become a career?
Majid: Back in 2014, I was working in Bahrain. I got lonely and started drawing just to pass my time. Got support immediately but it took me 2 more years to realize that I wasn’t really made for finance and 2 more years to gather enough courage to swith my career.

TPA: There are local/regional comic artists all over the Internet, but somehow you’ve managed to cut through the noise and make a real name for yourself in the community, with hundreds of thousands of followers on facebook and instagram. What do you think sets you apart?
Majid: Well, I opted for the very basic things and the problems of middle class which made me relatable to the masses of our country. I am also from the middle class so I like seeing their comments and it makes me feel accomplished.

TPA: How did you grow your channel?
Majid: The first few hundred followers were tough to get. Then it was all by luck and due to the support of people. In fact, I was surprised to see my YouTube videos of Bollywood movie reviews getting more engagement from Indian subscribers.

TPA: What’s been the most exciting event/moment you’ve experienced since becoming a comic artist?
Majid: Actually there have been many and I was praised by a number of celebrities (many of them are now friends with me) but one thing which I personally believe to be huge was during the Abhinandan and Balakot scenario. My work suddenly reached the peak and I was even called by DGISPR (Major General Asif Ghafoor back then) and he personally met me and appreciated my work.

TPA: What strategic advice do you have for up and coming influencers?
Majid: I can speak for hours on this. (laughs)

Well, for tiktokers, I’d like to request them to please see the content people in other countries are making. Make 15 second life hack videos, educational and informative content. Not that spitting water and walking in slo-mo or lip synching on some songs. Instagrammers should provide meaningful information in their content. How is one’s selfie picture supposed to be called content? And if you want to be called a blogger, please get a proper blog and write there regularly. Instagram account is not a blog. Facebook page admins should create their own memes and adopt a permanent style.

TPA: Do you predict any shift in influencer marketing in the coming future?
Majid: The increase in number of bloggers will be decline the value of influencer market. Only content creators will be ruling and rest will be termed as seeders and will get peanuts as remuneration.

TPA: A message to your fans?
Majid: I don’t really like the term “fans”. My followers are all my fellas because we belong to the same class of people. I would like to ask them to go for career counselling before opting a certain field and see what they are actually born to do. Don’t trap yourself in a boring job because society is telling you that a 9 to 5 job is the only thing that will guarantee a safe future.