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Airline Lab Seminar in Pakistan Convene for Airbus


Airlines from across Pakistan met recently at the Airline Lab Seminar in Islamabad organized by Airbus. The three-day event hosted executives and experts from airlines in Pakistan in order to exchange ideas and receive updates on important developments and issues facing the airline industry today.

As per the Airbus Global Market forecast, passenger traffic in Pakistan is predicted to almost double over the next 20 years with a growth rate for passenger traffic of +4.9% per year. Airbus forecasts a demand of 250 passenger aircraft to serve Pakistan’s market by 2037.

The Airline Lab Seminar highlighted the importance of civil aviation for economic growth, and delegates  benefited from research into the latest industry trends and gained a broad overview of global developments and best-practices.

Presenting its view of the Pakistan aviation industry, the Airline Lab Seminar by Airbus comprised eight key topics, including cabin trends, brand awareness, and fleet & network planning as well as trends and innovation, customer finance, and best practices in aircraft evaluation.

During the seminar delegates also engaged in an airline management simulation game, called Flight Plan, that highlighted practical and dynamic airline management challenges to enhance capabilities.

Airbus’ portfolio of commercial aircraft, including the A220, A320neo and A330neo, are the ideal choice to efficiently serve the region’s growing aviation market, offering unbeatable operating economics and best in class passenger comfort.