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A Smart Terrorist of the World


Not long ago that we keep having the influx of the term terrorism or terrorist everywhere. This expressive usage of terminology also having expressive responses from the worldly nations. All the nations are harping the same tune without going in to the detail of its root causes or main funding elements. Majority of the Muslim states are victim of ongoing and worst terrorism in the world.

The time is different now and we have a very smart Terrorist in the world who has never been classed as terrorist or opressor. Israel a smart terrorist of the world who has been killing people from 1948 and beyond. A generally non-recognised country, having the full support of the richest countries of the world and fully enjoying the world class business – but at the same time feeling no shame on killing the innocent Palestinians. The land of Palestine belongs to Palestinians and not these smart terrorists who are coming from every corner of the world and forcefully settling in the land of Palestine.

Israel – a smart terrorist, who is having an abnormal control on the world banking system and many other businesses around the world. They do remember the Holocaust but are not ashamed of creating one in Palestine. You think that after what Hitler has done to thousands of innocent Jews, there would have been a principle decision that there won’t be any atrocity or killing of innocent people. On the contrary, the Israeli Smart Terrorists are following the footsteps of Hitler and committing murders of innocent Palestinians on their own land. They are smart that they are taking the profits from the Islamic states and using against them.

The puppet United Nations General assembly who adopted 181 resolution in November 1947, and created Jewish settlement is sleeping dead now and not dare to say a single word against the killing of innocent Palestinian children, youth, pregnant women and elders. How long more the nations of the world would keep seeing this miserable hypocritic attitude from the so called United Nations General assembly. This will never happen that Israel would listen to the call of the world. how would we expect a smart terrorist to listen the call of peace, justice and fairness? Israeli mission is to control the whole of Palestine and rule the powers of the world. This is not fair to let lose this terrorist state whose even birth was questionable, biased and totally unfair. The world has got the duty to protect the innocents and stand for justice and fairness. Palestine is innocent and looking for Justice.